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SBA has, in conjunction with Karl Stevens and Associates (KSA), developed community plans for several small northern communities with significant native populations. The plans and their associated zoning bylaws deal with all aspects of community: policies, population projections, capital plan projections, land use requirements, infrastructure, special districts and new development sites. All the plans covered a twenty year time frame and often involved long-term airport and/or harbour planning.

The methodology employed had an inherent flexibility to address the changing needs of the communities while simultaneously complying with the sundry requirements of the different levels of government. A key part to this process was getting input from the members of the communities in the planning stages and also their involvement in the implementation process and subsequent administration. This involvement is intrinsic to understanding and is the prerequisite for self-sustaining communities.

Among the products of these unique community plans are data bases, building inventories, planning reports, community plans, zoning by-laws, detailed contour maps, snow drifting models and special project specifications.