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In the spring of 2004 the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) commissioned SBA to develop the functional programming, space analysis and block planning for the existing 1976 Brampton Land Registry Building, a partially vacant building within the Brampton Courthouse Complex From this initial study the work developed into the renovations of the five existing courtrooms and ancillary spaces under stringent budget and time constraints.

SBA's work at the Brampton Courthouse Complex expanded to include the creation of the new Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) offices in the Land Registry Building, renovations to the existing Manager of Court Operations offices and the creation of additional high density storage areas, both in the William Davis Courthouse.

Subsequently construction drawings for the expansion and re-creation of a larger queuing area within the Front Lobby were completed with the work on hold until budget approvals are in place. In addition to the interior queuing work SBA was involved in the development of several schematic design options to look at the creation of a more distinct entrance/ canopy from the parking area into the Front Lobby.