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Whitney Block and Tower (1927/1933, Department of Pubic Works under R. Heakes).

This was the first office building built for the civil service in Ontario and is still in use for that purpose. It is part of the Queen's Park Complex and is due east of the Legislature Building. It was built of Queenston limestone and other Ontario materials by depression labour. The tower was vacated in 1972 for life safety reasons.

SBA completed the Heritage Significance Study and Intervention Guidelines in compliance as required to designate the building under the Ontario Heritage Act. SBA undertook the Building Envelope / Feasibility Study to enable the government to schedule and budget for this multi-phased project. Phase 1 consisted of the preservation of the tower envelope and upgrading of the life safety systems, new fire alarm, exiting & sprinkler systems in preparation for re-occupancy. Through negotiations with building authorities these upgrades allowed for re-occupancy with only one means of egress. Phase 2 and 3 continued the preservation of the building envelope. This work consisted of window replacement/repair, re-roofing, stone repointing and repair, and consolidation and/or replacement of steel shelf angles and anchors. Upgrades to the HVAC system were implemented to ensure compatibility with the building envelope.