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The Macdonald Institute is a 1903 Italiante lad bearing masonry building. It was a recommendation of the condition assessment undertaken by SBA that the parapets be rebuilt as a priority. The parapet wall consisted of two wythes of brick, terra cotta coping stones and an ornate metal cornice anchored back into the masonry on a wood frame. Stabilization concerns stemmed from; no ties between masonry courses, no tying in of the roof structure, no coping stone anchors, and deterioration of the cornice’s wood support structure.

The parapet wall was taken down to below the roof level and rebuilt using new bricks matching the existing. The wall was backflashed with vented metal panels. The roof structure was anchored with stainless steel anchors, the metal cornice conserved in the shop then reinstalled on a new galvanized metal frame. Enough terra cotta coping could be salvaged to be used on the major elevations while replicated concrete units were used elsewhere. The life span of the salvaged terra cotta was extended through the use of lead flashings.