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Ravine Estates is a new destination winery opening in 2009. SBA guided the rezoning and official plan process and worked with the winery consultants to layout the vineyards and site tours. The heart of the winery is a streetscape that is comprised of several complementary buildings, including a reconstruction of the historic Woodruff House. The winery is designed to augment, and be an integral part of the Town of St. Davids' commercial core.

The reconstruction of the Woodruff House includes the original five fireplaces, staircases, moldings, windows and gable ends. The house will be used as a hospitality centre, historical exhibition space, for wine tasting and sales and will also serve as an entry to the barrel cellar.

The Packing Shed, while being externally symbolic of the historic small ancillary agricultural building which is gradually disappearing in the region, has been converted to a deli with a full kitchen and a bakery.


Phase two, the Production Building and the Ravine Restaurant are designed as a slick modern juxtaposition to the heritage structures.