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SBA was the winner of an invited design competition commissioned by Oxford Properties Group for entrance and lobby upgrades, as well as signage sub-structure redesign at Sun Life Financial Centre (formerly Clarica Centre). SLFC is a three-tower office complex located at Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue. The towers are linked at grade by a retail concourse with direct surface and underground access to the major transit hub serving the Toronto Transit Commission, Mississauga Transit and regional Go-Buses.


The project entailed three entrances, two on Bloor Street (centre and west towers) and one on Aberfoyle Crescent (centre tower). The signage sub-structure scope was for the entire retail perimeter on Bloor Street.


The design employed a simple but effective idea of reversing the dark, cavernous effect of the recessed entrances to improve day-lighting and to make the entrances more visible from the street. The context sensitive design drew on existing elements in the east tower, a result of which is a solution that fits in seamlessly and comfortably with the complex. On the Aberfoyle Crescent side, extensive landscaping upgrades were required to complement the entrance upgrade.


The idea of improved day-lighting was extended to the design of the signage sub-structure which previously consisted of deep four foot high boxed signs which covered almost a third of the exterior glazing height. The new design employed a slimmer stainless steel grid system on pivoting connections to allow for removal and subsequent replacement of failed exterior glazing units. In order to maintain permeability of the exterior signage sub-structure and retail signage, SBA worked very closely with Oxford to establish retail signage standard and guidelines based on back-lit (LED) channel lettering.


The extensive modifications to the entrances with increased ceiling heights in the lobbies, clear (vision) glazing and coordinated finishes with minimal but informed design accents, have all contributed to an aesthetic solution that not only effectively addresses the client’s requirements, but also adds to the character of the complex in a subtle and powerful but tastefully understated manner.