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Imperial Oil, a longstanding client of SBA, commissioned the firm to design a state-of-the-art oil distribution terminal. The terminal’s role was to transfer pipe oil to truck distribution and control the flow of oil to eastern Canada. SBA’s task also included a functionality study as a basis for the building programme.

SBA undertook interviews with each of the over 100 employees. For each individual's "world of work" a "schematic" was produced, and based on this schematic a programme area was assigned. Meetings were held with groups of employees to determine the requirements for shared facilities, and to determine what ambience should be created for the building as a whole. Schematics were produced to represent this requirement. The combination of all the schematics linked by a framework that fulfilled management goals and policies became the building programme.

The facility was a pioneer in sustainable buildings, showcasing advanced building envelope technology, atrium passive gains and daylight, sun shading and lightshelves, as well as energy reclamation.